Meet Your Farmer Monday

It is Monday! Today we highlight Eagle Lake Gardens. 

Bill from Eagle Lake Gardens farms his family acreage that goes back 120 years! It was not his life plan to return after completing a masters and PhD but circumstances brought him back to Iowa. 

Eagle Lake was an original vendor at the Clear Lake Farmers Market more than 10 years ago and has seen a lot of changes as well as growth to the markets! He then expanded to the North Iowa Farmers Market soon thereafter. 

Bill is grateful for the markets and their support over the last decade! He also appreciates ALL the customers. “Some even drive out to our market stand to buy extra produce as well as support my business!” I could not do it without them. 

Another reason Bill sells at the farmers markets is his appreciation of the educational and extra programs. Such as youth vending which gives kids a chance to develop skills and love farming. “These help

Support our farming community and teach children to engage in their local food systems.”

Bill sells produce! And a large variety throughout the season. Cucumbers, asparagus, radishes, lettuces, tomatoes, green onions,

So many fresh and locally grown produce we could never name them all. 

The markets appreciate Bill’s dedication to farming and feeding our communities! If you haven’t shopped at Eagle Lake with Bill find him Tuesday and Friday at NIFM. As well as every Saturday at CLFM. 

Thanks Bill!

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