Meet Your Farmer Monday


Mervin created Red Rooster Ranch in St. Ansgar, Iowa just a few months ago! 

Growing up Mervin helped his family on a dairy farm right here in Iowa with his 8 siblings. Mervin has since gotten married and has 3 young children. As Mervin established himself on his own, Red Rooster Ranch was established on the foundation of healthy foods with no additives. 

“We should be shocked at the amount of chemicals and additives that are in our foods that should not be!” Mervin is a seed and soil consultant as well as a farmer. “You won’t find anything extra in our food. It tastes better, it is healthier, has more nutrients your body needs and it makes a difference to you, our customers. We want you to know what you are eating. And we don’t need labels to inform you because the food is pure!” 

RRR is a new vendor at the North Iowa Farmers Market this year. They sell farm fresh eggs, herbs, seasonal produce of all kinds and pork, beef, chicken, liver, ox tails. (Yep! That is correct) 

As well as beautiful flowers in arrangements. 

Red Rooster Ranch is a safe sustainable farm for the land as well. “We take care of our animals, the soil and impact we leave for future generations is fundamental to everything we do!”

“When you pick food before it is ripe and then ship it across the country you will find it doesn’t taste very good and think about the impact that has on our environment. We grow food right here in Iowa that should stay in Iowa!” 

The food you buy from Red Rooster Ranch has been careful selected from the start! The carefully selected seeds are planted by Mervin and his siblings; who grow it, pick it, and then sell it to you directly. There are very few hands that move your food. And that matters to Mervin and it makes a difference to his customers. 

“You feel better when you eat real food!”

I created Red Rooster Ranch so you’d recognize the difference food makes when it is grown seasonally, locally and with healthy practices. You can taste the difference and you’ll feel better as you eat it.

Red Rooster Ranch sells at a few farmers markets in the area. In Mason City on Tuesday and Friday from 4-6:00 pm, in Osage and in St. Ansgar. 

We’ll see you at the Farmer’s Market!

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