Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local

At the North Iowa Farmers Market, we are passionate about providing you with the highest quality, locally produced goods and produce you can find! There’s countless reasons to buy local but with the start of our summer market season just one week away, we wanted to share with you the North Iowa Farmers Market Top 5 Reasons to Buy Local.

1. It just tastes better.
Commercial fruits and vegetables are often grown to have tough skins that prevent produce from bruising while shipping. This industry also tends to focus more on how the produce looks, rather than how it tastes. At the North Iowa Farmers market, all goods and produce are locally produced so our producers are able to worry less about the ship-ability of their produce and focus more on what’s important: quality and flavor.


2. You get to meet the people who produce the goods and produce you buy.
Local farmers are finding that consumers are more and more curious about not only where their food comes from, but how it’s produced. Local markets, like the North Iowa Farmers Market, gives our local producers a platform to meet their consumers face-to-face to create and maintain relationships of transparency, trust and loyalty. This aspect of buying local is a favorite of customers AND vendors alike!


3. Buying locally grown food supports nearby producers and farm families.
In addition to meeting your local producers, buying local also gives you the opportunity to support their business and their families. Many vendors at the North Iowa Farmers Market sell their products at several area farmers markets and rely on their sales as a source of sole or additional income.


4. The money you spend buying local helps the local economy.
Studies show that for every $100 spent at a farmers market, $62 stays in the local economy and $99 stays in state. In Iowa specifically, every dollar spent at the farmers market leads to an additional $0.58-$1.36 in sales at other nearby businesses. At the North Iowa Farmers Market, we’re excited to see how our move to the new downtown location can help stimulate sales in the area and help their local businesses grow!


new location

Our new downtown location at the corner of 1st St. NE and Delaware in Mason City is in walking distance of several downtown, local businesses!

5. It’s fun!
Many local food markets try to make each market fun and entertaining. This year at the North Iowa Farmers Market you can expect live music entertainment, kids cooking classes, free samplings and more! From kids to adults, buying local at the farmers market is fun for everyone!


Don’t forget! Our summer market season starts in just one week on Friday, May 19th from 4:00- 6:30 p.m. The market will take place every Tuesday and Friday thru October 27th at our NEW downtown location (corner of 1st St. NE and Delaware). We hope you’ll plan to join us and buy local!

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